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About Our Team

The Newberry Cyber Security Practice is an experienced team of highly-skilled and certified cyber security professionals. Globalization and consumerization continue to change the security threat landscape. We are committed to developing competencies, solutions, and services for next-generation security problems to ensure mission enablement and the protection of operations, business infrastructures and security interests.

Our Solutions

Risk Management

Threat Management

Training and Education


Security Program & Policy Development

Newberry aligns your business practices with contemporary risk models and effective governance to protect and support sustained growth. We provide recommendations for your team to implement, or we can manage and guide the process of establishing best practices in your organization. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Security Architecture & Engineering Consulting Services

Newberry designs enterprise-focused security solutions that support your specific business objectives with information and technology. The focus is on the IT elements that function to sustain the system’s quality, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Regulatory Compliance Assessment & Auditing Data loss prevention

Regulatory compliance is the unified goal of corporations and public agencies to comply with laws and regulations, including standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, or FISMA. Newberry’s comprehensive audits assess and document your compliance to managerial, operational, and technical standards specific to your industry. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Certification & Accreditation

Newberry’s certification and accreditation (C&A) services deliver the expertise and documentation you need to achieve compliance to applicable standards such as NIST, DIACAP or DODIIS, as well as industry best practices. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Security Test & Evaluation Digital Forensics

Effective Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) examines application, middleware, data or infrastructure safeguards, to determine their security posture; are they properly implemented and are they working correctly. Our comprehensive execution of a deep ST&E carefully inspects your technical environment using various manual and automated processes to give you an accurate security control evaluation. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Data Loss Prevention

In today’s environment businesses run on information – protecting the confidential and sensitive pieces while protecting against misuse is critical to meet regulatory requirements. Newberry’s services cover areas such a consultation, solution design, implementation, and training. Learn more..

Email Security Email security

Email carries a variety of sensitive data, such as intellectual property, confidential reports, and personally identified information. Legacy solutions don’t address these newer complicated threats. Newberry will help evaluate, design, and implement the right solution for your unique business requirements and security threats, including web attacks. Learn more..

Mobile Security

ForeScout Mobile™ is the easiest, most flexible way for IT security managers to say “yes” to personal mobile devices on the enterprise network without compromising security. ForeScout Mobile works with ForeScout’s leading network access control (NAC) platform, ForeScout CounterACT, to provide real-time visibility and control of everything on the network—wired and wireless, managed and unmanaged, PCs and handheld devices. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Network Access Control

Organizations need to stay vigilant about who is on their network. Newberry offers the power of ForeScout CounterACT, an automated security control platform that lets you see and control everything on your network—all devices, all operating systems, all applications, all users. ForeScout CounterACT lets employees and guests remain productive on your network while you protect critical network resources and sensitive data. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Penetration Testing

Newberry’s experts dig deep to discover dangerous exposures in your technical environment. We simulate hostile persons and attempt to circumvent existing security mechanisms to test the security posture of the respective environment. Our penetration testing services include application, network, web and wireless. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Vulnerability Assessment Vulnerability assessment

To prevent costly security breaches and decrease exposure Newberry performs a combination of internal and external vulnerability assessments to evaluate your risk level against industry standards. The collected and measured evidence is an invaluable resource for making prudent security decisions for your business. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Web Security

Business on the web is a must to stay competitive. However, antivirus defenses are unable to completely protect against the numerous threat vectors associated with Web 2.0. With the volume of sensitive data being posted to blogs, wiki’s, and social networking sites Newberry has developed solutions and services to help keep you and your business safe. Learn more..

Training and Education Web security

Cyber Security technical training is a rapidly expanding field – Newberry has the training and course development capabilities to help you keep pace. Our certified experts have developed and delivered courses for organizations such as SANS, the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy, the Department of State, Johns Hopkins and George Washington University. For more info, visit our Training page.